We want to see your cosplay!

May 16, 2024

Register for the McConnell Con Cosplay Contest and you will be given a chance to show off your costume on stage! Even if you’d rather not be judged, we would love to see you showcase your favorite character.


Little League (ages 9 and below)

Sidekicks (ages 10-17)

Superheroes (ages 18+)

Master Chiefs (All ages of Master Cosplay / Award Winning Cosplay Individual)


 All Ages, up to 5 members per group

Grouper Heroes (Apprentice or Journeyman)

Advanced Avengers (Master / Advanced Cosplayer Group / Award Winning Cosplay Group)


1. A single entry can be an individual or duo. If your team has three (3) or

five (5) individuals, you must enter in the group category.

2. Contestants are only allowed one individual entry, however may also

enter as part of a group cosplay.

3. No nudity, profanity, anything deemed racially or culturally offensive

will not be allowed. No politically charged or discriminatory cosplays

or props will be allowed. When in doubt, ask!

4. Stage walk time is limited, so please make sure to consider what you

will do before showtime. Single entrants will have up to 1 minute

of stage time, and groups will have up to 2 minutes.

Children under the age of 5 must be escorted by an adult.

5. No liquids, messy substances, glitter, confetti, or anything that may

pose a danger is allowed to be as part of your stage walk.

6. No weapons will be used during any point of the show, including but not

limited to realistic-looking firearms without an orange muzzle cap; live

steel; projectiles of any kind; unsheathing of bladed weapons without

clearance from the cosplay contest directors. Due to safety concerns, minors

may not perform combat situations or acrobatics on stage.

7. Show integrity, have fun and enjoy the spirit of competition!

Cosplay Contest sign-ups will continue online through June 7, 2024 at noon. Any online sign-ups after that point risk not being included in the roster of competitors. After that, you may sign-up on the day of the event with our Cosplay Team from noon until 2:30 pm. Pre-judging will begin at 3pm by age group in the Green Room behind the stage in the Pulley Ballroom. Stage Presentation will begin at 5 pm

If you have questions or concerns, let us know at marketingmcconnell@gmail.com