McConnell AFB's RV Storage Lot

Now Open To Non-DOD Users
Your RV’s Safe Haven – Affordable, Secure, and Open to All!

RV Storage Lot

Welcome to the McConnell Air Force Base Outdoor Recreation RV Storage Lot, where your journey begins with peace of mind. Our storage lot, renowned for its safety, affordability, and strategic location, is now open to the public. Whether you’re a local resident or DOD service member or dependent, your RV has found its ideal home. See below to contact us and get started!

Where do I start?

Because we take security very seriously, we perform a background check on any interested parties who wish to store their RVs at McConnell Air Force Base.

Strict security and personnel access control is enforced at MAFB. All guests/patrons desiring access must be identity proofed and vetted. All personnel must pass a Criminal History Report Inquiry [CHRI] through National Crime Information Center [NCIC], National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System [NLETS], state and local law enforcement databases.

Under the authority of the Internal Security Act of 1950, Section 21, guests and their vehicles, and equipment are subject to lawful search-and-seizure procedures upon entry or exit from the installation. Security Forces may conduct random screenings at any time.

During periods of increased security, base access to your personal property may be changed with little or no notice.

Non-DoD utilization will be located at the storage lot near Outdoor Recreation. To get started, just click the button below to fill out our intake form and a member of our team will reach out to you ASAP to talk to you about keeping your RV with us! Ready? Click below!


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Affordable Options

Adventure shouldn’t come at a premium. We believe in offering value without compromise. Your journey starts here, without breaking the bank.

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Securing your spot at McConnell AFB’s RV Storage Lot is a breeze. Complete the reservation process effortlessly through our user-friendly online form.

Proximity Advantage

Convenience is key, and our location speaks volumes. Nestled in the heart of McConnell AFB, our RV Storage Lot is just minutes away from Wichita and Derby, offering unparalleled accessibility for both local residents and travelers passing through. This is your pitstop to convenience. Fuel up, restock, and dive back into the adventure that the heartland has to offer.

Secure Storage

At McConnell AFB, security is our top priority. We’re the Air Force. Rest easy knowing your home on wheels is shielded by McConnell AFB’s secure storage, allowing you to focus on the thrilling adventures that await.

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