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Child Development Center - (6 Wks - 5 Yrs)

As a parent, who you entrust with the care of your children is critical. Our McConnell Child Development Center’s (CDC) primary mission is to provide quality child care services to Team McConnell, which enables our Airmen to meet mission requirements worldwide with the knowledge that their children are in a safe, healthy environment that fosters individual development through independent and creative exploration of their world. The CDC is nationally accredited and staffed by well-trained professionals you can trust to care for your little ones ages six weeks to five years. Our center is truly developmental, with programs to enhance social skills, encourage children to think and reason, promote language and literacy, build physical development and skills, and much more! Please call us at 316.759.4223 for more information or go to to request care. Tuition is set annually by DoD and is based on each family’s total household income.

Child Development Providers

Now Hiring!

The McConnell Care Development Center welcomes new applicants. Prospective providers are trained, screened, and approved by applicable agencies. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Child Development employee must contact the NAF HR Office or visit to learn more about our openings!

Why work for the CDC?

  • Quality Program

  • Paid training and professional development

  • Promotes safe and healthy practices

  • Skills transfer to other CDCs as your family travels

  • Priority placement for your children into the program

  • Supporting military families and youth

A Great Start Goes a Long Way

McConnell AFB families are invited to visit the Department of Defense (DoD) website designed to simplify access to childcare. (MCC) will help families create a household profile, conduct childcare searches, submit requests for care, and manage their requests at any time and from any location. Through, eligible families can search and request care for full-day and part-day options in facility-based and home-based programs for children from birth through age 12.

At the Child Development Center (CDC), we have a passionate staff, a 21st-century curriculum, top-notch classrooms for kids, and a commitment from our hardworking families. All together this helps your children reach their full potential.

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2023 Handbook

Hey parents! Here is your guide to McConnell’s Child Development Center.

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