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The Unite Program

In August 2016, Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) General David Goldfein released his letter to Airmen, “The Beating Heart of the Air Force…Squadron!”  This letter outlined the Squadron Revitalization Implementation Plan in three lines of effort: 1)  Focus on the Mission;  2) Strengthen Squadron Leadership and Culture;  3) Take Care of Airmen and Families.  The Air Force Services Center (AFSVC) was asked to establish an activity rich program that would equip Squadron/Unit commanders with options to facilitate unit cohesion.  The UNITE initiative helps Units develop and implement team building events through the use of Air Force Services and community-based activities and programs.  Desired outcome — enhance unit morale and unit cohesion through participation in UNITE events.  The Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) position was created to manage the UNITE Program.

Guests at a UNITE event climb the rock wall at the outdoor pool.

FY 20 Allocations:




Program Eligibility

UNITE programs benefit all Airmen in a unit including assigned Active Duty, Reserve, and APF/NAF Civilians. Family members may participate, but they must pay any applicable fees.

Hosting your First Unite Event?

1. Complete the POC Appointment Letter: UNITE POC’s, please complete the appointment letter and email it to

2. Event Proposal: Meet with your installation C3 to discuss your objectives, event ideas, and to complete the event proposal form.

3. DoD ID Numbers: ID Numbers are requested to send participants after action surveys to examine the correlation between participation in FSS programs, services, and activities and airmen & unit readiness.

4. Have Fun at Your Event!

5. Submit After Action Information: We are relying on you to provide detailed after action information to improve the program.

Spend your money with the FSS!

Food Options

($5 per person for each package. You may only select one package.)

1 Pulled Pork Sandwich & Drink

1 Hot Dog, Chips & Drink

2 Beef Tacos, Chips, Salsa & Drink

Burger Burn

Current Free/Volunteer Programs Available:

Option 1: Relay Race

Option 2: Mobile Team Challenges

Option 3: Amazing Race

Option 4: Volunteer Events