Youth Programs - (9 - 18 Yrs)

Youth Center Programs & Activities

McConnell’s Youth Center is located in Base Housing and provides programs for youth ages 9-18. The Center has a basketball court, game room, computer lab, arts & crafts area, teen room and snack bar.

Youth programs at McConnell assist DoD military and civilian personnel in balancing the competing demands of family life and the accomplishment of the DoD mission. We host get-togethers, spelling bees, dances, lock-ins, essay contests and more to keep the youth of McConnell engaged in a positive community!

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Be A Sponsor

Kids! Be one of the first faces to greet new youth to McConnell! We’re always looking for Youth Sponsors, so if you like to help and meet new friends, then being a Sponsor might be right for you! You provide new youth with friendship, a warm welcome, information, and possibly a tour of the community & program.

This is a great leadership role, and the time spent volunteering as a youth sponsor will be added to your time as a youth volunteer.

Call the Youth Center at 316.759.4070 to talk to us. We will put you in touch with a McConnell youth. Learn about McConnell and the surrounding area and make a new friend at the same time!

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