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Our goal at Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) is to provide mission-ready personnel our diverse offerings of family programs and services throughout their military life cycle. Our core services include workshops on Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Employee Assistance, Relocation Assistance, Personal Financial Readiness Services, Volunteer Resources, Exceptional Family Member-Family Support Program (EFMR-FS), Deployment Assistance, Personal and Family Readiness, Personal and Family Work Life, Referral Follow-up, Crisis, and Disaster Response, and Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR). M&FRC services are available to single or married Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Retired military members and their families, as well as DoD civilians. Sign up for our eNews!

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Welcome to McConnell Air Force Base! Welcome to Wichita!

A world of wonderful opportunities awaits you. You’re in the Heartland and here you’ll discover a lot of heart. There are new places to explore, new friends to make, and experiences that will last you a lifetime. Though your relocation can bring its share of stress, there are many services available to assist you on your journey.

The Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) offers services to personnel and their families through our core programs offering workshops, special events and one-on-one consultations. All staff members provide services in the center or via outreach.

We look forward to serving you soon.

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What We Do

Air Force Families Forever & Gold Star Families

Air Force Families Forever & Gold Star Families

Air Force Families Forever (AFFF) is a long-term survivor program established to provide support to family members of deceased Regular Air Force, U.S. Space Force, and Reserve Component Airmen who died in an Active Duty, Inactive Duty for Training (IDT), or Annual Training (AT) status and whose relationship was established prior to the Airman or Guardian’s death. Support is provided to eligible Next-of-Kin (NOK) through Military & Family Readiness Centers (M&FRCs) at installations closest to where the survivor resides.

Next of Kin (NOK) status is determined by the following criteria:

  • Spouses (regardless of remarriage)
  • Children (including stepchildren, adult children and adopted children)
  • Parents (including stepmother/father, mother or father through adoption, and foster parents who stood in loco parentis)
  • (including half-brother/sister)

Gold Star Families (GSF):

  • Family member of Airman who died while engaged in combat or military conflict with an opposing foreign force or as a result of an international terrorist attack against the US
  • Receives Next of Kin Lapel Button
  • Eligible to request installation access

The “Gold Star” designation is set by law. More specifically Title 10 USC Section 1126. In short, Gold Star families are survivors of military service members who lost their lives during armed hostilities, including deployments in support of military operations against an enemy and/or during an international terrorist attack.

Past Conflict:

  • Family member of Airman who is unaccounted-for from our Nation’s Past Conflicts (i.e., Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, and other operations)
  • Supported in part by the Past Conflicts branch within the AF Casualty division. The Past Conflicts branch is the liaison between the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency (DPAA) and past conflict survivors
  • May be eligible to attend DPAA hosted family update meetings throughout the country
  • Eligible to receive the Gold Star Lapel Button
  • Eligible to request installation access

Air Force Families Forever (AFFF):

  • Family member of Airman who died under any circumstance, other than defined as Gold Star, while on Active Duty or “in a duty status” Guard or Reserve Airman
  • Eligible to receive the Next of Kin Lapel Button
  • Eligible to request installation access

Your local AFFF team will reach out to surviving family members to provide ongoing support and resources.

A referral is provided to eligible federal, state and local resources to include partnering non-governmental organizations.

Throughout the year, we will send announcements and invitations to events to our McConnell Gold Star and Air Force Family Community.

We can help eligible Next-Of-Kin obtain ID cards and base access for installation-approved Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) activities.


AFPC Air Force Families Forever (AFFF) Site
Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs
National Resource Directory: List of vetted resources for survivors.
State/Territory Benefits: Find out what benefits are available to you in your area.
Snowball Express: The Gary Sinise Foundation Snowball Express serves the children of fallen military heroes.
TAPS Survivor Events and Programs

We can help you locate resources to help with a variety of issues, including general support, grief support, local events, and financial counseling. We can also connect you to experts on VA benefits, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), Survivors’ Pension, Service Member Group Life Insurance (SGLI), burial expenses, state benefits, military records, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), and Tricare.

If you are a surviving family member that meets the criteria above, please download and complete the Statement of Understanding and contact our AFFF/GSF specialist at 316.759.6020

Casualty Services/Survivor Benefit Plan

The Air Force Casualty Services Program’s primary goals are to provide prompt, accurate reporting, dignified and humane notification, and efficient, thorough, and compassionate assistance to the next of kin of deceased Active-Duty members for as long as needed. The Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR) works closely with commanders at all levels to ensure the success of the program. Additionally, the CAR works closely with survivors of retired Air Force members to ensure potential benefits are applied in a timely manner. The CAR provides limited casualty service to members of sister services, certain foreign nationals, and civilians. The CAR also assists with Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) and Family Service members’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) claims.

Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP): An Active-Duty member who has eligible dependents is automatically covered by SBP at the maximum level at no cost to the member while on Active Duty. Prior to retiring, each member must decide whether to continue SBP coverage into retirement. The retired pay of those members who elect to participate is reduced by monthly premiums. SBP is the sole means for a member to continue a portion of their military retired pay to their eligible survivors. If a member chooses (with the concurrence of their spouse) not to participate in the SBP, an annuity cannot be paid upon death of member.

Casualty/SBP Questions: Casualty Services at McConnell M&FRC can assist with questions pertaining to benefits and entitlements while on Active Duty and after retirement. For more information about these programs, call 316.759.6020.

Exceptional Family Member Program

Exceptional Family Member Program

The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program based on carefully defined rules. An exceptional family member is a family member, regardless of age, who requires medical services for a chronic condition; receives ongoing services from any specialist outside a primary care physician or pediatrician; has mental health concerns or psychological needs; receives educational series provided on an Individualized Education Program; or a family member receiving series provider on an Individualized Family Service Plan. EFMP enrollment process Active-duty members and sponsors are responsible for contacting the EFMP office and enrolling all family members with chronic medical, psychological and educational problems requiring special services, as well as maintaining a copy of the EFM’s forms. Users should review completed applications and update forms every two years or as family status changes.

Plan users also are responsible for disenrolling when divorced, an EFM dies, medical or educational needs no longer exist or the family member no longer resides with the sponsor.

Benefits of EFMP enrollment
EFMP will benefit the entire family allowing accurate assessment of career and family needs during assignment decisions. EFMP offers case management services to better assist and coordinate services with other helping agencies both on and off base.

Respite care services are intended to provide temporary rest periods for family members with special needs or family members who are responsible for regular care of another family member with special needs. Respite care is not to be used for regular full-time daycare expenses or before or after school care. Furthermore, the respite care program is not intended to provide medical or custodial care for adults or long-term care. Respite care for more than six consecutive hours is considered long-term care.

TRICARE’s Extended Care Health Option respite care, ECHO provides financial assistance to beneficiaries who qualify based on specific mental or physical disabilities and offers an integrated set of series and supplies beyond the basic TRICARE program. In-home respite care services include ECHO respite care and ECHO home health care respite care.

ECHO respite care includes up to 16 hours per month when receiving other authorized ECHO benefits. ECHO home health care respite care includes up to eight hours per day, five days per week if homebound. Only one of the two ECHO respite care benefits can be used in a calendar month.

Enrollment in EFMP is required to receive this benefit. For further information on ECHO, please visit the TRICARE website.

PCSing soon?
McConnell EFMP staff understands the demands and challenges of relocating to a new duty station and would like to assist with this process. To ensure a smooth transition, please contact a family member relocation office and speak with a relocation clearance coordinator to complete an EFMP/PCS screening process by assisting with the filling out of the FNA/3054 Form.

This Form helps the service member and the gaining location work together to build a strategy to assist the Service member and their family be successful when moving to a new location.

This assessment is designed to evaluate a member’s needs and address specific concerns. Upon completion, FMRCC will forward this evaluation to a person’s installation, allowing that installation ample time to gather resources prior to arrival. It also is important when arriving at a new installation to check in with the installation medical facility for additional services.

McConnell EFMP exists not only to assist families with enrolling or re-enrolling in the EFMP, but also can serve as an advocate on behalf of the EFMP families and also as a vital link between exceptional families and federal, state and local resources.

EFMP-FS e-News Facebook & Newsletters:
Be the first to find out about EFMP-FS events and resources when you sign up to receive this at home. It is automatically sent to the military member’s email; if you would like for you/your spouse to receive at home, please reply back with you/your spouse’s name and email. The emails sent contain educational opportunities as well as recreational events offered for EFMP families.

Helpful links:

EFMP Facebook Page

DirectSTEP Login Page

TRICARE Information

We also offer and have access to many Education opportunities throughout the. One such Opportunity is DirectStep eCourses. These Courses explain legal requirements and best practices for behavior management, autism, IDEA eligibility, IEPs and more. They also teach parents and educators how to handle critical education issues to obtain positive outcomes while applying education laws to the day-to-day world of teaching and learning. These eCourses are available for use by all Air Force staff, parents, Military/DoD personnel assigned to Air Force installations and K-12 educators serving military children. With this we help provide resources and tools that Air Force Staff and parents can use to gain a clear understanding of special education requirements and services and how they work. From legal rights to practical application and from student referrals to IEPs, which help explain specific procedures and provides real-world application strategies so parents can learn the complexities surrounding special education supports and services. Learn more about DirectSTEP and the curriculum.

For more information, call 316.759.6020.

Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program

The MFLC program is based out of the Military and Family Readiness Center. MFLCs are available to deliver free, confidential, short-term, non-medical counseling to service members and their families. MFLCs address challenges that may occur within the military lifestyle and issues that may arise due to deployments and reintegration. MFLCs work in cooperation with other counseling services on the installation.

Military & Family Life Counselors offer:​

Free, confidential and private counseling, except for duty-to-warn situations
No documentation of the session
Flexible availability to meet service members’ needs
Sessions on or off military installations
Services to individuals, couples, and families
Outreach in the form of walk-around counseling
Individual unit briefings available upon request (i.e. Commander’s Calls, Huddles, Roll Calls, etc.)
Psycho-educational presentations per request

Contact Information:
Adult MFLC: 316.350.0665
MXG/OG Embedded: 316.358.1706
LRS/SFS/CE Embedded: 316.932.4014
Child/Youth: 316.519.3580
School MFLC – Wineteer Elementary: 316.243.7773
School MFLC – Derby Middle, Derby North & Derby High School: 316.570.2538
School MFLC – Tanglewood Elementary Derby: M-W-F Park Hill Derby-Tuesdays, Stone Creek Elementary Derby-Thursdays: 571.341.0586

Personal/Family Readiness & Deployments

Pre-Deployment Briefings:
Briefings for deploying service members are held every Tuesday at 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM at Bldg. 732 in the small classroom. Spouses are welcome to attend.

Reintegration briefings for returning deployers are held every Friday at 9:00 AM at Bldg. 1220, Gateway 3. Spouses are welcome to attend.

Hearts Apart:
The Hearts Apart program is for spouses, children, and families of military members who are currently deployed, on extended TDY (more than 30 days), or serving a remote tour. The military member should enroll their family in the program during their pre-deployment briefing, held each Tuesday at 7:30 am or 3 pm at the A&FRC, Bldg. 732.

Give Parents a Break:
Air Force Aid Society offers FREE childcare once a month to give parents with deployed spouses or those dealing with stressful situations a break. Give Parents a Break provides childcare services for parents with children from 0 to 12 years old; to give them the opportunity to recharge and relax. Spouses of deployed can get a voucher for GPAB from either M&FRC or their First Sergeant. When your spouse is not deployed you can use GPAB for a small fee if space is available. For details call CDC  316.759.6020.

MFRC Monthly Newsletter:
Each month a newsletter is available to explain the services available to Hearts Apart families. Each month there is a special activity for Hearts Apart families designed to bring families together who are experiencing the hardship of separation. Every event is free and includes a meal.

Hero Dolls:
The M&FRC, with the help of volunteers, will make a free doll for children who have a deployed parent. Hero Dolls are available to all McConnell AFB families; KS National Guard families; and Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force Reserve families serving in Kansas. The limit is one doll per child in the immediate family.

Operation Rest:
This free program is designed to boost and maintain the morale of the entire family using a visual reminder of loved ones during a separation. The M&FRC will provide personalized pillowcases with photo transfers of both the military and family members.

Deployment Journals:
“What I Love About You, by Me” journals are designed as a communication tool to be used with a loved one. Each deployer can receive a journal for themselves and one for a spouse or loved one (one time only). The focus is to provide a means of meaningful discussion and expressions of appreciation. The deployer and loved one discuss the content and exchange the journals upon return from deployment.

Kids Deployment Info:

The M&FRC has booklets about deployment and reunion that are age-specific to help children understand why mom or dad is leaving, how to stay connected while they are away and how to prepare for their return. Stop by anytime and pick up this great information.

Call 316.759.6020 for more information.

Personal & Family Work/Life Education

Personal & Work Life

Enriches and improves the quality of individual and family life at McConnell AFB by providing the knowledge and skills needed for everyday living, relating to others, coping with life events, easing adaptation to the military lifestyle. Personal & Work Life offers the following programs:

Heart Link Spouse Orientation:
An orientation program designed for those who are newly married or just interested in learning more about McConnell and the Air Force and Space Force Life. The overall goal of the program is to ensure that spouses are aware of their importance and feel as though they are a part of Team McConnell. Information provided about community resources, TRICARE, deployments, and more. This program is offered every first and third Tuesday of the month and twice a year on a Saturday. For more information and to learn the class dates, contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center.

Great Expectations:
This program is to provide new and expecting parents information regarding what to expect once baby arrives and preparation prior to baby arriving. Topics discussed are: taking care of baby, what to expect from baby, taking care of yourself, Tricare and DEERS enrollment, financial expectations, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. A class for expectant parents that includes presenters from OB/GYN, Family Advocacy and the FSC. Air Force family attendees will receive a $50 AAFES gift card (per family) courtesy of the Air Force Aid Society for attending the class.

Dads 101:
A program for first-time fathers, taught by fathers. Addressing issues new dads will encounter with a new infant and the impact on family and relationships. Bring your own lunch. Attendees who complete the class receive a backpack diaper bag.

Key Spouse Program:
An official “Unit Family Readiness Program” that supports Airmen, Guardians, and their families. The Key Spouse Program is designed to enhance mission readiness and resilience in order to establish a sense of community. The motivation of the program is to effectively take care of Airmen, Guardians, and their families. Key Spouses are appointed in writing and receive formal training and continuing education to keep their skills sharp. The unit Key Spouse is a point of contact for both the duty member and their family.

Four Lenses:
The Four Lenses is a proven personality temperament model that acts as a universal companion to any training or initiative. This foundational training helps individuals and organizations establish a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talent in the workplace, in the classroom, or simply in life.

Personal Financial Readiness

Provides information, education, and one-on-one financial counseling to assist members and families maintain financial readiness. Services are designed to address money management issues throughout a service member’s military life cycle. Financial readiness educational opportunities range from setting up a simple budget to understanding long-term investment options.

Workshops include: Home Buying, Retirement Planning, Educate Me on TSP; Federal Employee Financial & Benefits Planning; SSA What You Need to Know, Financing College, Federal Civilian Retirement Planning.

Workshops on a variety of financial readiness topics can be brought to your unit.

Contact the M&FRC @ 759.6020 for more information.

Preventative Education:
We help you develop financial goals and improve money management skills needed to be financially ready for the challenges of military and adult life. Common topics include PCS/deployment readiness, student loan management including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, purchasing a vehicle, moving out of the dorms, getting married or divorced, and planning for a new baby.

Crisis Education:
If you are experiencing a financial crisis such as an unexpected emergency, death of a loved one, or stressful credit loads we can help you develop a workable budget or a debt management plan.

Proactive Education:
Learn about how to effectively plan for your long-term financial security and wellness. We’ll help you feel more prepared in planning for long-term goals such as retirement, home buying, education financing, or starting a business.

Helpful websites:
TSP has tons of information about your TSP retirement account. Also has webinars, just search for online learning and you will find various topics to help increase your knowledge.

Military OneSource has current information on military life with links to budge and credit counselors. Military also has access to MilTax which is a free tax service with free e-filing software.

Blended Retirement System is your go-to site for information about your retirement under this program

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides lots of helpful information on different financial topics. Has really good information on home buying loans and good checklists to use.

Consumer Federation of America is an advocacy, research, education and service organization that gathers facts, analyzes issues, and disseminates information to the public, policymakers, and the consumer movement.

Federal Reserve Board monitors risks to the financial system and works to help ensure the system supports a healthy economy for U.S. households, communities, and businesses. If you have a problem with a bank or financial institution, contact the Federal Reserve for help

The Social Security Administration assigns Social Security numbers and administers the Social Security retirement, survivors, and disability insurance programs. They also administer the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind, and disabled. Sign up for a MySocial Security account today.

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance:
The mission of the Relocation Assistance Program is to ease personal and family stressors military families experience with a Permanent Change of Station by providing assistance, counseling, sponsorship training and education throughout all phases of the relocation process.

Right Start:
This newcomers’ orientation program is coordinated with Wing leadership to welcome newcomers to McConnell. Right Start is held twice a month on scheduled Tuesdays. Attendance is mandatory for military members and DoD civilians. Spouses are cordially invited and encouraged to attend. Military members and DoD civilians will be scheduled for Right Start by their unit Command Support Staff (CSS). Spouses can sign up through their sponsor’s CSS as well, or by contacting the M&FRC at 316.759.6020.

Sponsorship Training:
The Relocation Assistance Program is here to support sponsors and CSS personnel who are charged with managing and monitoring the unit-level Sponsorship Program. The first step to becoming a successful sponsor is taking the e-sponsorship application training (eSAT). This Department of Defense training is mandated for all new sponsors and sponsors who have not taken the eSAT training within the year prior to a new sponsorship assignment. Training certificates must be submitted to your unit CSS for record-keeping. In addition to offering Sponsorship training, this site provides sponsors with information on the MilitaryInstallations and Plan My Move tools. It also provides a sample welcome letter, a sponsorship duty checklist, and a Newcomer Needs Assessment, which should be tailored to fit the needs of the inbound member and their family. Upon completion of eSAT course, contact the M&FRC to attend a follow-up in-person training to review base and local resources.

Smooth Move:
This workshop is offered quarterly and assists service members and their families with preparing for PCS assignments overseas or stateside. Representatives from the Military & Family Readiness Center, Tricare, TMO, Housing, and more provide necessary information for planning your upcoming PCS. Call the M&FRC to sign up.

Family Services:
Located in Military & Family Readiness Center Bldg. 732
Hours of operation M/W/F 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM; T/Th 1:00 to 5:00 PM

The Loan Closet has various items you can borrow on a short-term basis. Items include (but are not limited to) dishes, pots/pans, utensils, vacuum cleaners, irons/ironing boards, tables, and chairs.

The Airman’s Attic is also maintained by the M&FRC and contains gently-used clothing for all ages, toys, home décor items, dishes, etc. Items are free for E5 and below. Uniforms are also available and all ranks are eligible for these.

Girl Meets Dress is a program available to anyone in need of a dress for a formal occasion. These gently used dresses can be borrowed for up to 30 days and should be dry-cleaned prior to return.

Transition Assistance Program

On November 21, 2011, the president signed the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act which made service members participation in the Transition Assistance Program mandatory. TAPGPS is provided through the Military and Family Readiness Center to assist Service Members and their dependents when they separate/retire from the military. The current mandatory components include:

Pre-Separation Counseling: the first step to ensure all separating service members are informed of the transition services, resources and benefits available. This is a pre-requisite before attending the 5-Day GPS Workshop. Start the process 1 year out for separatees and 2 years for retirees.

Transition Goals, Plans, Success Workshop: (5 days) – Consist of (1) DoD Military Occupational Crosswalk, Finances, and Resilience (2) Department of Labor Employment Workshop (3 days, with some exemptions) (3) Veterans Affairs Benefits Briefings I & II (NO EXEMPTIONS).

Capstone: One-on-one counseling to verify Career Readiness Standards are met (verification of resume, 12-month post separation budget, ITP, GAP Analysis A&B, Continuum of Service counseling, DOL Gold Card and eBenefits registration. A&FRC and Commander Signature required.

Volunteer Resources

The M&FRC Volunteer Resource Program provides organization and volunteer opportunity information for the Base and the local community. This page is provided as a service to the McConnell Air Force Base community in the interest of promoting public service through volunteering. The presence of this information in no way implies endorsement, preference or obligation by the US Air Force or its personnel toward any external organization. If you would like to let us know about a volunteer opportunity, please contact the Volunteer Resource Program Manager at 316.759.6020.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Military & Family Readiness Center

Volunteer opportunities on McConnell include – but are not limited to – the Military and Family Readiness Center, Airman’s Attic, American Red Cross, Chapel, Child Development Center, Spouses Group, and the Youth Center as well as the Dole Center.

McConnell AFB, KS – Red Cross: 

Short Term Opportunities:

IMPORTANT: Occasionally, an outside organization will request volunteers in uniform. Uniforms are not authorized to be worn to such events without prior approval from base command.

Off Base Volunteer Opportunities:
Links to various organizations and list of opportunity within the area (Wichita),%20KS,%20USA&publicOrgSearch=

United Way of the Plains:  

Wichita Habitat for Humanity


City of Derby:


City of Andover:

Voter Assistance

If you need assistance, Airman & Family Readiness Center is here to help you fill in and mail your voting materials. Check out our detailed Installation Voting Assistance page for even more info. You can also access many voting-related questions and answers on the FVAP website at You can also check in with your squadron voting representative.

Installation Voting Office

Located in Bldg 732
Monday–Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Upcoming Events