Parents: Aren’t You Ready for a Night Out?

December 27, 2023

In 2024, we’re giving parents a break! Every month, we’ve scheduled our highly qualified caregivers from the Child Development Center for one night just for you. Discover this expanded Parents Night Out with Give Parents a Break – a monthly initiative designed to give you the break you deserve.

Yes, we’re focused as always on the parents in our community with the greatest need, but did you know it’s also open to parents for just $32 per child?

What you want to know:

This program is for all! There is no requirement to be enrolled in McConnell AFB Child & Youth Programs to attend.
For ages 6 weeks – 12 years old.
Small snack will be provided, but please feed your little ones a full meal before dropping off.

Why Parents Night Out Matters:

The core of Parents Night Out is simple – to address the diverse challenges faced by our military families. We understand the crucial need for accessible, quality, and timely childcare. By reshaping this initiative, our goal is to make it inclusive and ensure that all eligible parents can reap the benefits. From at-cost options to a voucher program based on need, we’re here to support various circumstances, including deployment and financial hardship.

Two easy steps to sign up:

Step 1: Contact the Military & Family Readiness Center, Chaplain, First Sergeant, Doctor, Medical Professional, or Family Advocacy to see if you qualify for a voucher for FREE care.
Step 2: Call the Child Development Center (316.759.4223) to sign up through the CYPBMS portal no later the Wednesday before Parents Night Out – Give Parents a Break.
Parents, your break is just a call away. Sign up, unwind, and let us take care of the rest. You’ve earned it!