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Wingman Sports Day

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Youth Sports

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Scroll down to see what youth sports will be available on Wingman Sports Day and use the provided links to sign-up!

Youth Basketball Skills Challenge

POC: TSGT Schilling

Location: Aux Gym

Time: 1300-15oo

  •  – Ages 8 – 14
  • – 15 participants max
  • – Volunteers Required:
  • – 6 Volunteers
  • – Equipment Needed
  • – (2) Stop Watches
  • – (15) Basketballs
  • – Full Court access
  • – Rules and information for website
  • – Basketball shoes are highly recommended
  • – Players are not allowed to interfere with the other competitors’ basketball
  •   15 players max
  • – 3 rounds
  • – Top 4 players from round 1 will advance to R2
  • – Top 2 players from round 2 will advance to the R3
  • – Skill Challenge event (2 players at a time)
  • – Players will have to dribble through cones
  •   – Next they will execute a standard chest pass through a hoop
  • – 3 attempts
  • – Followed by a jump shot from the free throw line
  • – 3 attempts
  • – After the jump shot, the players will grab their own rebound and sprint to the opposite end of the court for a layup,
  • stopping their time.
  • Have Fun!!!

 Youth Dodgeball


POC: A1C J. Ori Alt POC: A1C A. Holland

Volunteers Needed: 6

Location: Racquetball Courts

  • Group 1: Ages 9-12 (max 28 people per age group, minimum 20)
  • Group 2: Ages 13-17 (max 28 people per age group, minimum 20)
  • Teams will consist of 7 players with a minimum of 5 players to avoid forfeit.
  • Games will last 7 minutes long.
  • 8 dodgeballs will be placed on center line at the beginning of each match.
  • Substitutions may enter game only during time-outs, or in case of injury.
  • In all over-time periods, the first team to eliminate any one opponent will be the winner.

This is a “themed” dodgeball tournament. Create your own team theme. Your theme can be silly, creepy or hilarious, just be creative and most of all have fun with it!

  NOTE: Inappropriate team themes are not allowed, (ie provocative or offensive).

Appropriate Themes Examples:

dogball3 dogball2 dogball1




  • The tournament will consist of 8 teams.
  • Teams will consist of 7 players with a minimum of 5 players to avoid forfeit.


  • Will be played on racquetball court.
  • There will be a center line.


During play, all players must remain on their side of the center line.

A player shall not:

  • Have any part of their body contact the playing surface on or over a side line.
  • Exit the playing field.
  • Leave the playing field to avoid being hit by, or attempt to catch, a ball.
  • Have any part of their body cross over the center line on the opponent’s side and make contact with the ground on the other side of the blue line.
  • Take (or steal) the ball from an opponent once they have established possession.


  • The official balls will be provided by the event organizer.
  • The standard number of balls for a 14-person game (7 on a side), is 7.


  • The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT. An OUT is scored by:
  • Hitting an opposing player with a thrown ball below the shoulders. NOTE: If a player ducks and this clearly is the cause for the player being hit above the shoulders, the player is out and the throw is considered legal.
  • If a ball is caught before hitting the ground or side walls, the player who threw that ball is out, if it deflects off of another player and then is caught it is still an out.
  • Catching a ball thrown by your opponent.

When a ball is deflected off another ball:

The player deflecting the ball is out when:

  • They get hit in the body (including above the shoulders) after the ball is deflected.
  • They attempt to catch the deflected ball but the ball used for deflection is hit out of their hand.
  • They attempt to catch the deflected ball and drop the deflected ball.

The player throwing the ball is out when:

  • The person deflecting the ball catches the thrown ball.
  • The thrower is out if the deflector has both the deflected ball and the ball used for deflection in their hands or they intentionally put down the ball used for deflection and catch the deflected ball (determined by court monitor).


  • A 7-minute time limit has been established for each game.
  • Each team will be allowed one (1) 60-second time-out per game.
  • Only the Court Monitor will start and stop the clock.
  • The court monitor will have the discretion to call a player out if there is a controversy.
  • During time-outs, teams may substitute players. Subs may be players who did not start the game.


  • Prior to the game beginning, 8 dodgeball balls are placed on the center line.
  • Players then take a position behind the end line.
  • Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the center-line to retrieve the balls.
  • Once balls are retrieved from center line at the beginning rush the balls must be brought back to the respective end lines before they are considered live.


  • The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be the winner.
  • If neither team has been eliminated at the end of regulation, the team with the greater number of remaining players will be the winner.
  • In all overtime periods, the first team to legally eliminate any one opponent will be the winner.


  • If an equal number of players remain after regulation play, a sudden-death overtime period will be played.
  • The overtime period will begin the same as the start of a regular game with balls placed on center line and an opening rush. The first team to eliminate any ONE opposing player will be declared the winner.
  • No time-outs allowed during overtime.
  • Substitutions may be made prior to start of overtime.


  • If one team possesses all of the balls they must throw at least two balls over the opposing team’s free throw line within 30 seconds.
  • First violation: Stoppage of play and balls will be divided evenly and play continues with players starting
  • on the end line.
  • Second violation: Ejection of one (1) player from offending team.
  • NOTE: The stalling procedure does not apply to overtime periods.


  • All contests will be supervised by 2 Court Monitors
  • The court monitors will ensure all rules are adhered to, and their decision is final.


  • Matches will be decided using by single game elimination format in which the first team to eliminate all members of the opposing team will be the winner of the match. This is for tournament play only.
  • If, at the end of time, there are still live players on both sides, the team with the most players will be declared the winner.



POC: Garrett Bowen

Time: 0900-1100

Location: Softball Fields


  • Pick-up games for youth under 18 years old.
  • Each game will be 20 minutes long with no clock stops, unless emergency or major referee decision.
  • Each team will consist of 6v6 play, including the goal keeper. Max of 8 teams.
  • Your team may sub as many times as needed, no limitations.
  • Each game will have two referees that will go by the FIFA rules which can be accessed by clicking the following link, (FIFA RULE BOOK) 

Rules for Gear

  • Each team must have the same color T-Shirt with numbers on the back.
  • It is highly encouraged to wear creative uniforms that represent your organization and some sort of creative number designs.
  • In the case where two teams have the same color there will be a coin flip to see which team wears pennies.
  • Goalkeepers must wear a different color that will distinguish them from the outfield players and referees.
  • Players may wear head gear but jewlery must come off.
  • Players are allowed to wear any type of athletic shoe such as molded bottom cleats, turf shoes, indoor soccer shoes or any type of tennis shoe.  (No metal bottom spikes, boots, sandals, flip flops, crocs, high heels etc.) 
  • Every player MUST wear shin guards for the duration of their game!

Cheerleader Clinics

LocationLawn A (Parking Lot by the Pool)

Time: 1400-1600

2 Age Groups – one hour each group

  • 3-6 years old: 1400-1500
  • 7 years old and up: 1500-1600