SAP Enrollment

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Fieldtrip-to-Commissary-partering-with-HAWK-to-learn-about-healthy-foodsPlease call the SAP for slot availability at (316) 759-6859 to begin. If a slot is available, you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork including: financial, health, food, contract and other necessary forms. Please bring current copies of your most current LES/pay stub, or school schedule (if not working). Fees are based on Total Family Income. If you are a dual-military family, you will need to provide the SAP with a Family Care Plan or 357. For other concerns, please contact the School Age Program.

Growth is achieved through new experience and challenge; this is the atmosphere we strive to provide for your child. Love and nurturing from a well trained staff encouraging your child’s spirit to soar. The program serves children in kindergarten through sixth grade. We seek to provide a variety of activities that include independent and organized group play, as well as, active and passive intellectual growth experiences. Learning and playing in a healthy environment is every child’s right.