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Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
Phone: (316) 759-4222/4223
DSN: 743-4222/4223


If you are looking for day care to fit your ever-changing work schedule, Family Child Care is here for you. Family Child Care has supported families with convenient in-home quality day care at McConnell AFB since 1989. This program offers flexibility in child care not available in the Child Development Center or School Age Program. Child care providers can offer full time, part time or hourly care as well as nights and weekends for small groups of children.


Family Child Care Providers Needed!

The Family Child Care (FCC) Program has openings for Family Child Care Providers who are willing to provide regular full time, part time or hourly child care and child care for special needs children.  Expanded Child Care Programs such a Home Community Care, Deployment Care, and the Air Force Aid PCS program are additional opportunities available for FCC providers.  If you have military/DoD affiliation or base access and want to learn more about the business of child care in your home, contact the Family Child Care Office at (316) 759-4222 or come to the office that is located in the Child Development Center.

Kansas licensed FCC providers are eligible to apply through Child Care Aware of America to provide care for ANG and AFR Home Community Care.  Providers may care for a maximum 6 children at one time including their own under the age of 8.  Pay for this program is $6.00 per hour per child and does not include their own children. 

The website is as follow:

McConnell’s Family Child Care (FCC) Special Programs & Related Forms

Family Child Care (FCC) Subsidy Program: This AF-funded program allows families to use a FCC home for the same cost as the CDC or SAP (summer camp) when a space is not available in the CDC or SAP.  Fees are based on total family income.   

Extended Duty (EDC) Program: Evening/weekend child care provided in a contracted FCC home for mission-related duty beyond normal child care arrangements, for temporary shift changes, extended work days, etc.  Care is free for eligible families and must be scheduled through the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

Deployment Child Care Program:  A total of 48 hours of free child care per child is offered to military members that begins up to 30 days prior to deployment and ends 30 days after returning home from deployment.  All care is offered in a contracted FCC home and must be scheduled through the FCC Coordinator.  To see if you qualify for this care, contact the FCC office at 759-4222.

Home Community Care (HCC) Program: Allows Guard and Reserve members free child care during UTA weekends in contracted FCC homes.  ALL HCC scheduling and provider assignments are made through the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

Emergency Medical Care Program: A family may request child care during a family medical emergency involving an immediate family member.  Contact the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

Wounded Warrior Child Care Program: Short-term child care provided for families of wounded warriors for medical appointments and military appointments.  Contact the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

Fallen Warrior Bereavement Care Program:  Provides child care for families of fallen military members for dignified transfer and military appointments.  Contact the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

PCS Child Care for Army, Navy and Marines: Provides PCS care to Army, Navy and Marine families assigned to an active duty AF installation. AF Aid currently pays for PCS for Air Force families.  Contact the FCC Coordinator at 759-4222.

All care for these FCC special programs are offered in AF affiliated FCC homes.  Requests for care must be made on the Air Force Family Child Care Expanded Child Care (AF FCC ECC) Request Form and be scheduled through the FCC Coordinator, Carol Southworth, at the Child Development Center, 759-4222 or 759-4223.

FCC partners with Airman & Family Readiness Center to provide Child Care for children while parents prepare for PCS move. Air Force Aid Society pays up to 20 hours of care per child in a licensed or affiliated FCC home at both the departing and new base.  Families with PCS order receive a certificate from the Airman & Family Readiness Center.  Care must be used within 60 days of departure or arrival at the base. Contact A&FRC at 759-6020 or FCC at 759-4222.

Child Care for Volunteers:  Air Force Aid Society funds child care in a FCC home while a parent is volunteering at approved programs which benefit the base community. Contact A&FRC at 759-6020 or FCC at 759-4222.

  Call Carol Southworth at 759-4222 or 759-4223 to learn details.