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Car Care Because We Care • The Air Force Aid Society will pay for a free oil and filter change, and a 15-point safety inspection at either a Wichita or Derby location for families of deployed, TDY, or remote personnel (your spouse must be gone for 30 days or more to apply.) Spouse on a remote? We’ll do it twice during the twelve-month period! For more information and a voucher, contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 759-6020. (Only Air Force family members are eligible.)

Give Parents a Break •  Air Force Aid Society offers FREE childcare once a month to give parents with deployed spouses or those dealing with stressful situations a break.  Give Parents a Break is childcare services for parents with children from 0 to 12 years old; to give them the opportunity to recharge and relax. Parents must sign up by the Wednesday prior to the date. On the GPAB date they can drop their kids off at the CDC and enjoy some free time.  Spouses of deployed can get a voucher for GPAB from either A&FRC or their First Sergeant.  When your spouse is not deployed you can use GPAB for a small fee if space is available.  For details call CDC 759-4223. Age 0-12 years will go to the CDC, Bldg 337.

Parents Night Out • This program is open to all active duty, Guard, Reserve, or DoD civilian families needing a night (or day!) out.  Open to children ages 0 – 12, Parents Night Out is $19 per child and runs at the same time as Give Parents a Break.  Parents Night Out reservations open on the Thursday prior to the event and are on a space-available basis.  All children participating in Parent’s Night out must have current immunizations, including the flu shot, and complete registration paperwork at the CDC prior to the event. To register for either program, please call the CDC at (316) 759-4223.

Hearts Apart  • The Hearts Apart program is for spouses, children, and families of military members who are currently deployed, on extended TDY (more than 30 days), or serving a remote tour.The military member should enroll their family in the program during their pre-deployment briefing, held each Tuesday at 9am or 3pm at the A&FRC, bldg. 732.

AFRC Monthly Newsletter • Each month a newsletter is available to explain services available to Hearts Apart families.Monthly Event — Each month there is a special activity for Hearts Apart families designed to bring families together that experiencing the hardship of separation.  Every event is free and includes a meal.

Hero Dolls  • The A&FRC, with the help of volunteers, will make a free doll for children who have a deployed parent.Hero Dolls are available to all McConnell AFB familie; KS National Guard families; and Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Reserve families serving in Kansas.  Limit is one doll per child in immediate family.
To receive a doll:

  • Take a photo of the deployed/deploying military member.
  • Be sure the camera is set to 3.0 mega pixels or higher. For best results, turn the camera so the frame is up and down (vertical/portrait).
  • Subject should stand with arms relaxed by their side and take up most of the frame (without cutting off their toes!).
  • E-mail the photo and the name of each child to or

Kids’ Deployment Info • The A&FRC has booklets about deployment and reunion that are age-specific to help children understand why mom or dad is leaving, how to stay connected while they are away, and how to prepare for their return.  Stop by anytime and pick up this great information.
Items available:

  • Letter Writing Kits
  • Mom/Dads at a Distance
  • My Mommy’s/Daddy’s An Airman Storybook
  • Sesame Street Elmo’s Deployment DVD
  • Kids’ Deployment Journals
  • Kid’s Activities During Deployment Sheets
  • What’s Up with Deployment: Booklet (Age specific)

Loans of Cameras and Camcorders • When your spouse is deployed the Airman & Family Readiness Center has digital cameras and camcorders that can be signed out to take photos of those special occasions, when that family member cannot be there. Call 759-6020 for more info!

Morale Calls • The A&FRC and the 22d Communications Squadron sponsor the base morale call service. Family members must register with the Family Readiness NCO at 759-4063 to use Hearts Apart morale calls. Limit: Two Calls per week per deployed spouse; 15 minutes per call.
1.      Get a DSN phone number from your loved one at their deployed location.
2.      Call the base operator at 759-6100 and let them know you want to make a morale call.
3.      The operator will ask for the DSN number and they will connect you.
Operation Read • This program is designed to help children cope with their parent’s deployment. The A&FRC will provide a book(s) to the deploying parent and video tape them reading the story(s). The book and video will then be given to the parent for their child when they deploy.  Call 759-6020 for more information.

Operation Rest • This free program is designed to boost and maintain the morale of the entire family using a visual reminder of loved ones during a separation. The A&FRC will personalize pillowcases or T-shirts with photo transfers of both the military and family members. We provide the pillowcases… you provide the t-shirts!). Simply email your photos directly to me or with your choice of words and she will call you when they are ready for pick-up! Call 759-6020 for more information.