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Couples Communication• This workshop is taught by by Airman Family Readiness Consultants and Military Family Life Counselors throughout the year.

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Dad’s 101 • This free workshop is taught by men and only for men.  This atmosphere allows new dads to feel relaxed and open to ask questions from seasoned dads. This workshop will cover topics such as:  gender roles, pregnancy, relationship changes, ways to show you care, breast or formula feeding, what to have at home, holding your new baby, diaper bag contents, what to take to the hospital, bathing your baby, coping with crying, and shaken baby.








Great Expectations  This FREE workshop teaches expecting parents how to prepare for a new baby.  Subjects covered:  Your Life is About To Change, Car Seat Safety, Budgeting for A Baby, Tricare, Breastfeeding, MFLC handling stress and Relationship after Baby, What to Expect During the Last Trimester and What to Expect of your Newborn.  This workshop is provided by A&FRC six times during the year. Free $50 AAFES gift card will be distributed.

Key Spouses • Each McConnell squadron has at least one volunteer KEY SPOUSE—selected by the squadron commander.   The role of the Key Spouse is to offer assistance to families during crisis or difficulty and provide family readiness information and feed-back. Key Spouses welcome incoming unit members and their families, and refer Air Force and squadron policy–related questions to the First Sergeant and Commander. They are a resource for our families… and they are ready and eager to help you.








Heart Link A program designed to increase spouses’ and caregivers’ awareness of the Air Force mission, customs, traditions, protocol, support resources and other services available to them.  Spouses receive briefings from various representatives of base agencies and squadrons. They learn what the different base agencies can offer them, such as the Airman and Family Readiness Center which provides child-care, stress management and programs for new parents.  The Heart Link Program also gives the spouses and caregivers a better understanding of what it is the men and women of McConnell do. For instance, there is an unclassified briefing dealing with some of the deployed locations where McConnell airmen are serving.

Other topics introduce spouses and caregivers to some of the customs and traditions of the Air Force, ranks and rules of protocol. And, there are sessions to explain military pay and allowances, retreat, paying respect to the flag, identification cards and legal services.

Military & Family Life Consultant Program  They provide short-term, situational, problem-solving services to service members and their families.  All services are private unless they are child abuse, domestic abuse or duty-to-warn situations.  Call 316-295-8601 or 316-519-3580 for information or for an appointment.
Embedded: (316) 295-6139
Wineteer: (316) 243-7776
Derby Middle & High School: (316) 570-2538

Playgroup •  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 -11am. This program is designed to give children up to age 5 the opportunity to interact with other kids while developing social and academic skills. Parents will have the opportunity to interact with their children as well as other parents.  The Airman and Family Readiness Center facilitates this program. Call 759-6020 for more information.

Playgroup Brochure 

Baby Talk • Baby Talk, for children 0-3 years, at 10-11:30am at the McConnell Playgroup Center, Bldg 338.  *Family Advocacy facilitates this program.