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Outdoor Recreation is looking for Volunteers to help get “Summer 2018” started! Help Sam at the Outdoor Pool build a Teki Hut!  Set up furniture, clean pool, ops check our waterslides, climbing wall, install window tint, sunscreen, paint, clean, etc.

Archers! Paintballers! Help set up Archery Range, Paintball field your way! Set up the remote control car track with the bumps and jumps you want!  Fishponds need cleaning, build a fishing dock, waterfalls, plant flowers, pollinators, hang “Honey Bee” houses…Shade Tree Mechanic welcome, Boats, Campers, Lawn equipment needs fixin’!

Don’t sit around being bored, we have lots of fun stuff to do.  Got a Boy Scout that needs their Eagle Scout project or a Girl Scout that needs their Gold award? Come see us, we have lots of fun projects to help them achieve those goals.  Please contact Rick at 759-4639 or for more information.  Thank you.