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Location: Gym

POC: SSgt Nadia Amaya

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  • Sign up as a team or individually to be put on a team. 
  • 8 teams max
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • If you don’t have enough players to make a full team (6 players), we will populate your team with members who signed up individually.
  • Each team can have as many players as they want (6 people minimum)
  • ​Teams will consist of at least 6 members


  • During each possession on one side of the net, a team can only have three contacts with the ball. No player can ever make contact with the ball twice in succession.
  • Each play starts off with a serve.
  • The server steps behind the line at the very back of the court and has freedom to serve from wherever he or she pleases as long as the foot does not touch or cross the line.
  • If the server’s foot crosses the end line, it is considered a foot fault, and results in a side-out—a change in possession—of the ball.
  • The server must make the ball go over the net on the serve.  It doesn’t matter if the ball touches the net on a serve (if it goes over it is still in play). 


  • Each match will last 7 minutes.
  • The team with the most points at 7 minutes will be the winner of that match, 2 point rule does not apply.
  • The overall game winner and who moves onto the next round.
  • Scheduled Game Times:


  •        1200 
  •        1215
  •        1240
  •        1255
  •        1315
  •        1330
  •        1350
  •        Championship Game: 1415
  • Ends at 1430


  • A point is awarded on every serve. Points continue until time runs out.