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Club Members– Update Your Existing Club Membership

to continue receiving your Club member benefits!

Air Forces Services Activity and MemberPlanet have teamed up to streamline Club Membership!  All Club Memberships will now be managed through MemberPlanet, and Credit card activation is no longer required to sign up for Club Membership. 

** Note:  Air Force Services Activity is no longer partnering with Chase MasterCard.  As a result, ALL CHASE MASTERCARDS BEARING THE USAF SERVICES LOGO WERE DEACTIVATED AS OF 31 OCTOBER 2017.  If you don’t update your payment information on MemberPlanet, then your Club Membership account will default and you will no longer be able to receive Club Member benefits and discounts on base.  Read below for more information.  


MemberPlanet Club Portal FAQs

What are the steps to sign up/update my Club Membership?

1) Click here to go to the MemberPlant Club Portal.

2) Enter your name and email address where indicated. **Existing members—Your first and last name and e-mail address must match the one on file with your membership.  Tip:  The name on file was used on the letter you received in the mail from Air Force Clubs.

3) Select method of payment. That’s it!

*Note:  You MUST transition your membership through the website before you can use the MemberPlanet mobile application. You CANNOT transition your membership through the mobile app.  We are no longer using paper applications– everything must be done via the MemberPlanet Club Member Portal.

How can I access my Club Membership Account? 

Once a Club Member account has been established through MemberPlanet, you may download the MemberPlanet mobile app FREE from your phone’s app store onto your smart phone or tablet. You may also access their Club Membership account through the website on your computer or tablet.

Will we be able to access the MemberPlanet Club Member Portal from a Government Computer?  

Yes, you can access MemberPlanet Club Member Portal from a .mil computer.

Will I be able to sign up using paper applications?  

No, everything will be done via MemberPlanet Club Member Portal.

How do I access my Club Membership card?

Once a Club Member account has been established on MemberPlanet and the app has been downloaded, you will be able to show your membership card via an electronic device. You will pull up the MemberPlanet app to receive your Club Member discounts on base.  You may also print out a paper copy from the MemberPlanet website, however the printed club cards expire monthly. Therefore, you will need to print out a card once-a-month or on an as-needed basis.  

Will members be able to purchase items at the Club with the MemberPlanet App?  

No, this is a membership card, not a credit card.

May current Club Card Members be able to keep their Chase Credit Card since it is no longer connected to the AF Club Member program?  

Yes.  Chase will send out new cards entitled “Chase Freedom Unlimited VISA.” You can tell the old cards and new cards apart because the old card is a Mastercard, and the new card is a VISA card. Also, the VISA card will no longer carry the Air Force Services/Club logo. The new Visa cards should be sent out before 1 November 2017.   Club Membership will no longer be tied to these cards.

As a current Club Card Member, do I still need to go on MemberPlanet to verify my account?

Yes.  Current Club Card Members must verify/update their information on MemberPlanet.  Current members’ dues will automatically be charged to your Chase Club Mastercard until you update your payment information in the MemberPlanet Club Portal. Once the new Chase Visa card is activated, your Club dues will NOT be automatically paid, causing your Club membership to default unless you update your payment information on MemberPlanet. This is why we need members to create an account on MemberPlanet and update your payment method.

May members use the Chase Master card or VISA card as proof of membership if members choose to retain the new Chase Visa credit card?

You can choose to use the new Chase Visa Card as your method of payment in MemberPlanet.  However, the card is no longer tied to your Club Membership and will no longer carry the Air Force Services/Club logo.  You still need to update your payment information using your new Chase Visa credit card in MemberPlanet.  The old Chase Mastercards that carry the Air Force Services/Club logo will be deactivated on 31 Oct 2017, regardless of the expiration date listed on the credit card. Furthermore, the old card is no longer proof of membership.

Do 100% disabled vets who are exempt from monthly Club dues have to register with the new system? Can members sign up at the Club or do they have to do it all online? 

All members must sign up online through the MemberPlanet Club Portal to continue receiving Club benefits, regardless of monthly dues.

NEW!  McConnell AFB Club Member Benefits

(Updated 6 Nov 2017)

Worldwide Club Member Benefits:

  • Access to Air Force Clubs worldwide 
  • Reduced pricing for special occasions and entertainment 
  • Club Members Only Contests 
  • $25,000 Scholarship Program
  • See below for discounts and benefits exclusive to McConnell AFB!

Tanker Tavern (Consolidated Club McConnell)

  • Access to the Air Force Club Scholarship Program
  • FREE catering equipment use for off-site special events (based on availability and scheduled events)
  • Discounts on Club Events and Programs
  • Discounts on Catered Events such as Air Force Official Functions
  • Free Tanker Tavern snacks each Friday *Supplies Limited

Arts & Crafts Center / Auto Hobby Shop

  • FREE Car Wash every month!  (Pick up tokens inside the Arts & Crafts Center)
  • $2 Discount on the hour of stall rental
  • 10% Discount at on framing services at the Frame Shop
  • 10% Discount on engraving services at the Plaque Shop
  • 50% Discount on In-Stock Art Work
  • 50% Discount the 1st hour of DIY Woodshop
  • Discounts on Instructional Classes and Programs

Tornado Alley Bowling Center

  • 3 FREE games of bowling every 1st and 3rd Sunday *Excludes Shoes
  • One FREE shoe Rental Daily
  • 10% off at Twisters Cafe
  • 10% McJava Coffee Bar
  • 10% Discount at Tornado Alley Pro Shop

Twisters Cafe & McJava Coffee Bar

  • 10% Discount on Food, Beverage, & Coffee Purchases at Twister Cafe
  • 10% Discount on Coffee & Speciality Beverages at McJava Coffee Bar

Fitness Center

  • 10% Discount on Massage Therapy appointments

Community Center

  • Discounts on Programs & Events
  • 3 FREE BINGO cards with purchase of a BINGO pack

Information, Tickets & Travel

  • Early Bird Hour for Free Ticket Giveaways– When ITT receives free tickets, the tickets are available to Club members one hour earlier than the general base population
  • 10% off ITT Tours *excludes vacation packages
  • 10% Discount on Flowers *excludes Friday 1/2 Off specials
  • 25% off Balloons Purchases

Outdoor Recreation

  • 10% Discount on Rental Items
  • 10% Discount Retail Items
  • 10% Discount Boating & ATV Classes

Cashier’s Cage

  • Club members can cash checks up $200 at the McConnell AFB Cashier’s Cage, located in the Dole Community Center right next to the Military Personnel Office.  The Cashier’s Cage is open the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.