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POC: SSgt D. Cook   ALT POC: MSGT Wilhite


Location: Softball Fields

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Sign up with your squadron team or individually to be put on a team if your squadron does not already have a team.  Each team can have up to 9 people (1 person to substitute).

  • Slow Pitch Softball
  • Max of 8 teams, 9 per team
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • All active duty military, reservists, DOD civilians, and dependents 18 years of age and older.
  • Please review the Softball By-laws file at the bottom of the page for Rules of Play.
  • 30 minute games
  • Mercy Rule:  15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings
  • 2-2 count, with one courtesy foul ball allowed

Location: Both Softball Fields
Game Times: 

  •  First Round – 1315

  • Second Round – 1345

  • Semi-Finals – 1415

  • Finals – 1445


1.       GENERAL:  The 2016 Sports Day Intramural Slow Pitch Softball Tournament will be governed by the current By-laws, McConnell AFB, General By-laws, and ASA, in that order.      

2.        RULES OF PLAY: (subject to change based on # of teams)

  1. Time Limit: Thirty minute time limit on each game with no new innings beginning after 15 minutes.  Start time will be entered in the scorebook.  EXCEPTION:  All tie games will continue until a winner is determined.  NOTE:  The official start time must be given to the scorekeeper and both coaches prior to the first pitch.  Tie breakers will be the last out of the previous inning and will be placed at second base.
  1. RUN RULE: The 15 run after 3 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings is in effect.
  1. Warm-up Pitches:  The starting pitcher shall get one minute to deliver not more than 5 warm-                                            up pitches in the first inning, but none thereafter during the rest of the game.  Substitute        pitchers entering the game will get 3 warm-up pitches when they enter the game.
  1. Legal Starting Lineup: Games may be started and finished with 8 players.  Any less than 8 players will constitute a forfeit.  A coach may elect to bat every player in the dugout.  Every player may substitute freely defensively.  However, the batting lineup may never change.

       If a coach decides not to bat all players, he/she may substitute according to ASA rules.  If an

EP is used, teams may continue to play if, for some reason the EP can no longer play.  When playing eight individuals, an automatic out will be experienced during the ninth batting position.  If you play nine individuals, no out will be experienced for the 10th position.

  1. If a homerun is hit, players are not required to run the bases. The batter and any runners on base may return straight to the dugout.
  1. To help keep the game moving along, the team that hits home runs or foul balls out of play is       responsible for retrieving the balls.  A fan or family member may be designated to do this,   but this action must be accomplished rapidly. Each batter will start with a 2-2 count with one courtesy foul ball allowed.
  1. There will be no time allotted prior to the game for infield practice.
  1. Starting lineups must be submitted to the official scorer five minutes prior to scheduled game time.
  1. Blood Rule:  Any player with a bleeding wound will be removed from the game until the bleeding has stopped or has been bandaged.  If there is excessive blood on the uniform, the uniform will have to be replaced in order to continue.
  1. A courtesy runner may be used for an injured player, if the original batter safely reaches first base.


               k. Personnel whose squadron does not have a team and who desire to play can play with another squadron team but the player’s assigned squadron MUST NOT have a team.  If that happens the team that the player is playing on will forfeit and be out of the tournament.  In other words, NO STACKING YOUR TEAM

3.          ELIGIBILITY:

a. All active duty military, reservists, DOD civilians, and dependents 18 years of age and older                                                      assigned and attached to McConnell AFB.

  1. Any intramural eligible player may be used as a substitute/pick-up player.
    1. Coaches, Umpire, and official scorekeeper must be notified before pickup player enters the game.
    1. The coaches must agree that the game cannot be protested due to illegal players being used.
    1. A team cannot use more than (3) pickup players for a particular game.
    1. A team can only pick up enough players to start the game (8) total.  They may not have more than 8 players if pick –players are used.
    1. Pick-up players must bat at the end of the lineup, behind rostered players.              


         a.    Game time is forfeit time.

6. TEAM ROSTERS: Team rosters must be submitted before the start of the tournament to MSgt Wilhite or SSgt Cook (event POCs)


  1. All bats will meet all of the requirements of the ASA.  A list of all legal and illegal bats can be found at  Please ensure all coaches and players are aware of this list.  The umpire will have sole decision making authority over determining if a bat is legal or illegal.  The above referenced bat list will be available at the softball fields.  The Umpire will verify all bats used have current ASA approved sticker prior to the start of each game. 
  1. Metal spikes, sandals, and leather-soled shoes are illegal.
  1. Players may wear shorts, but are not recommended for safety reasons.  Athletic attire must be worn.  No military fatigues i.e. cut off fatigues etc.
  1. No mixing of military uniform items.
  1. Jewelry declared to be unsafe by the official must be removed.  Failure to do so will result in        the player being ejected from the game.  NO PLAYER WILL WEAR EARRINGS.


  1. The coach/manager will be responsible for the conduct of the team members and spectators

supporting their team.

b.    Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  The official has the authority to banish from the game any person or persons who, in their judgment, interfere with the safe and peaceful conduct of the game


c.     Glass containers are not allowed anywhere inside or outside the softball field(s).

d.     Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in or around the playing area.  Players caught 

consuming alcohol while or prior to participating shall be ejected from the game.