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*Please note all pricing is subject to change.

Inflatables Daily Weekend Weekly
Multi Colored Castle $70 $175 $350
Rocket Castle $70 $175 $350
Princess Castle $70 $175 $350
Boxing Ring $70 $175 $350
Monster Truck 15ft x 15ft x 21ft $80 $200 $400
Bouncer of Monkeys 15ft x 19ft x 18.5ft $80 $200 $400
Princess Palace with Slide 18ft x 20ft x 14ft $80 $200 $400
Basketball Court 14ft x 20ft $80 $200 $400
Atlantis Castle 24ft x 24ft x 16ft $125 $313 $625
Pirate Ship 16ft x 32ft x 17ft $125 $313 $625
Jousting Set $20 $50 $100


INFLATABLES CAN NOT GET WET! Check the weather, turn off the sprinklers! The blowers are electrical, water and electricity don’t mix. Water seeps through the seams down into the baffles and causing mold which will  need to be cleaned and treated… this will be charged to your deposit if you get them wet.

Reservations: No deposit, full amount is due at the time of reservation. We recommend customers DO NOT make reservations if you are planning to set up outside with no weather back up plan.  Our inflatables are not available for set up within Wichita City limits due to city mandate. Many of our customers use armories, barns, big garages, dojos, hangers, school gyms, and rec centers for their parties as a backup… so don’t be a party pooper and reserve something you are not going to use.  If you elect to reserve an item and decide to cancel within seven days of your reservation date, a one-day rental fee will be forfeited per item from your deposit.  Don’t keep other customers from using our service just because you don’t have a back up plan; check the weather, no cancellations due to inclement weather.  If you’re not sure don’t reserve it and read the contract before you sign it, no exceptions!

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