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Auto Shop

The Auto Hobby Shops is fully equipped to meet your vehicle maintenance needs. Safety training and equipment certification is required prior to using the facility. This is a do-it-yourself facility, however, an ASE-certified staff member is available to advise and instruct patrons needing assistance.


Due to staffing, we are currently open:
Friday-Sunday from 1130 – 1830

When you bring in your vehicle with the parts you need for your project, you’ll gain access to all of the professional elements of an auto mechanic service center. Take advantage of the flat stalls and lift stalls, available at an hourly rate. Fully-stocked toolboxes and specialty tool crib items will still be included in your stall-rental fee. You must purchase and bring your own parts for your projects.

There is an on-site, mechanic-certified staff member at the shop, ensuring safety, and providing guidance and some limited help to those who are new at vehicle repair. You can also call for information on Car Maintenance classes that are now offered!

Bring your vehicle by the Auto Shop – you’ll love how much you can do!

Auto Classes are ongoing – call us for information!


  Auto Hobby Service Center
Located on the East End of the Arts & Craft Center

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday • 11:30 am – 7 pm

Phone: (316) 759-3809 / 4084
DSN: 743-3809

Call us for Class Info!


Car Wash
Open 24 Hours, Self Service

The self-operated car wash is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  A change machine, cleaning products bending machine, and vacuums are available for a minimal cost.

Auto Resale Lot • “The Lemon Lot”

Have a car that you would like to sell?  Use McConnell’s Auto Resale Lot! We provide you with a great location to display your car for potential buyers among the base populace. Sellers are allowed to leave contact information on their vehicles, so interested buyers can contact them directly.

Other benefits:

  • The lot has high visibility and is located near the dorms on base.
  • People familiar with the base know to seek out the “Lemon Lot” on base when they are looking for used vehicles.
  • The “Lemon Lot” is much safer for you and your vehicle compared to leaving it on a corner in town with a “For Sale” sign.
  • Our Auto Shop gets many questions about used vehicles and they are able to refer people over to the lot.
  • Affordable monthly display rate.

Interested? Come to the Auto Shop in the Arts & Crafts Center and register your vehicle for the low cost of only $25.00 per month. The first fee of $25.00 is due Before Placing Vehicle on Lot (unauthorized vehicles will be towed).  Saving time by filling out the “Lemon Lot” contract at home and bringing it with you!  Download the “Lemon Lot” contract here Lemon Lot Contract. your Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles/ATVs/Motor Homes/Boats by today, or call ahead for more information! (316) 759 4084/3809

If the Auto Hobby Shop is closed, please visit the front desk in the Arts & Crafts Center for assistance.

Auto Shop Paint Booth

  • The Auto Shop is equipped with a state-of-the-arc downdraft paint booth. It provides a clean, well-lit, well ventilated enclosed area for spray quality finishes on vehicles.
  • The downdraft airflow does an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination. The “Bake” feature is available to accelerate drying time.
  • The booth may also be used for woodworkers that are staining and finishing their projects. The Paint Booth adheres to all Safety, OSHA and HAZMAT compliances so product Safety Data Sheets must be delivered to Shop staff and approved at least 2 days prior to painting.
  • *The cost is $70 per day and may be reserved Wednesday-Sunday at the Auto Shop.  Reserve the Paint Booth by calling the Arts & Crafts Center at (316) 759 4084/3809 today!