Make a Splash at the Cardboard Boat Races

June 11, 2024

June 29, 5-6pm during the Star-Spangled Splash and Car Show at the Outdoor Pool

Hey! Have you ever wanted to race in a boat that YOU built? Well, now is your chance! The McConnell AFB is inviting anyone and everyone on base to take part in an adventure that requires cardboard, teamwork, creativity, and a competitive spirit. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Cardboard Boat Race using the link below and gather your friends and family for some good ole fashioned fun competition.

To sign up click here

Cardboard Boat Race Rules

Theme: Animals
Provided Materials: one pool noodle (come get one by the front desk of the Fitness Center)
Permissible: any form of carboard, fastening material (hot glue, rope/strings, duct,
masking, or clear tape), water-based paints, and only ONE pool noodle
Not allowed: wood, Styrofoam, fiberglass, metal, caulking compounds,
silicon/wax/tar/rubberizing product, staples/clamps/screws

Players: There will be 10 team max. There will be 5 teams participating each race.
Rules: Let your imagination run wild!
Only materials listed as “permissible” are permitted for the race.
No wrapping the entire cardboard boat with any of the fastening material.
Prepare boat at home. You must provide your own paddle. The paddle may only be used to propel the boat.Oars may be made of any material. Rafts or flat boats which use legs for propulsion are not allowed.
All members on the boat must make it to the finish line.
Max 3 people per boat; not all members are required to ride.
Everyone must wear life vest.
Awards: Medals & Gift Cards
Peacock (Best cosmetic design)
Cheetah (Fastest boat)
Hippo (sink the fastest)