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Cardboard Boat Regatta

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Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Location: Beside Outdoor Pool


Design and Decoration – Be Creative!


Boat Design, Construction & Materials

      • All boats must be made BEFORE THE RACE
      • Teams are responsible for gathering supplies and disposing of boat after competition
      • Boats must be made ONLY from cardboard, duct-tape, rope and/or string
      • Cardboard tubes are permitted but teams may not plug the ends with wood or plastic caps
      • Materials cannot be sealed with any paints or sealants
      • Boats must be propelled by human power (hands, paddles, feet)
      • Use of illegal items will result in immediate disqualification of boat
      • Items NOT ALLOWED: stickers, glitter, paints, sealants

Each boat must carry at least 2 team members

Teammates who are not in the boat may push the boat away from the pool wall at the beginning of the race

All boats must be built BEFORE THE RACE

      • Boats must be on-site by 2:30 for pre-inspection
      • Boats must pass inspection prior to racing

Team members must be visible at all times while the boat in in the water

Team members who start the race must finish the race without leaving the interior of the boat

      • If a team member exits the boat for any reason during the race, the team will be automatically disqualified

When a boat is finished with the race, the team must remove the boat and any leftover cardboard debris from the water and dispose of it  at the designated trash area

Teams are not allowed to sabotage anyone else’s boat

      • Rough-housing in the water will lead to disqualification

All participants must be wearing a bathing suit and shorts (no denim)


  1. Speed Boat Award for the team who gets the  farthest in the fastest amount of time
  2. Titanic Award for the most spectacular sinking
  3. Design Star Award for the best design ad theme (including boat & crew)