Become a Family Child Care Provider

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Family Child Care providers are licensed to care for children in their home on a regular basis. Programs are offered to increase the availability of affordable care for military-affiliated parents to go to work.

Build your own business! Be your own boss (and follow licensing requirements).

Set your own hours and rates. It is your business so you can decide if you want to be a full-time provider or only offers hourly drop-in care, provide home community care (on Guard and Reserve drill weekends) or offer extended duty care on evenings or weekends.


If providers accept children in the FCC subsidy program – they can earn $209 per child per week (or $250 per child per week if they become and NAFCC accredited provider). If the provider cared for 6 children a week at the full-time rate – the provider could earn $1254 each week for their family!!

Caring for children in the Home Community Care program will pay the provider $10 per hour per child for weekend care on drill weekends. For Example: if you care for 6 children on Sat and Sun for a 9 hour day each day – the provider would earn $1080 just for the weekend care!


For more information visit or call (316) 759-4222.