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Basketball: 3-on-3


POC: MSgt A. Thomas & Alt POC: TSgt J. Saunders

Volunteers Needed: 2

Location: Auxillary

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Sign up as a team or sign up as an individual, to be put on a team. Must be 18 years old or older.  

Each team can have up to 4 people [1 person to substitute] 40 people max for this sport.

  • 3 on 3 Basketball
  • Half Court
  • 20 minute games
  • Games will be to 11 points
  • 10 Teams max  

Show up time is 0930 in the Aux Gym

Championship: 1330

3 on 3 Basketball Rules of Play

  •  1. Each game will be to 8 points. The team must win by at least one point or more. Games will be played on half-courts with a 15 minute time limit.
  • 2. Scores will be kept in 1 point increments. Teams will be allowed 1 additional player for substitutions in case of injury.
  • 3. After a basket has been scored or a foul called, a player must put the ball in play from the top of the key.
  • 4. All held balls will be put into play behind top of the key with possession given alternately to each team. (Alternate after each basket)
  • 5. On defensive rebounds or steals, players must return the ball by dribble or pass to top of the key before a basket may be attempted. Once ball has been taken back out, they do not have to pass the ball before shooting.
  • 8. Fouls will be called by the referees. A foul called in the act of shooting will result in 1 point being awarded to the team which was fouled if basket goes in.( Referees discretion). There is no bonus situation for fouls.
  • 9. Substitutions may be made after a basket or an out of bounds play.
  • 10. There are no time outs or time limit.
  • 11. Time will not be stopped to discuss any call.
  • 12. If the game ends in a tie after regulation, time there will be a 2 minute overtime period. Possession will be determined by a coin toss. Ties at the end of any overtime period will result in successive one minute periods until the tie has been broken, with possession alternating each overtime period.
  • 13. When applicable NCAA rules will apply.