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Airmen’s Attic • Located in Bldg. 338. with operating hours of  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Airman’s Attic provides free items for E-5 & below and uniforms that are FREE for all ranks. Donations in good working condition accepted during open hours.

LOAN CLOSET (formerly know as Family Services): Temporary use of household items while PCSing to or from McConnell & for Team McConnell members with a short term need. Most items can be lent for 30 days. AIRMAN’S ATTIC is for E-5s and below & their families. Browse the “Attic” for household & clothing items. Furniture in the attic on a limited basis. Made possible through the generosity of donors. UNIFORM LOCKER: ALL RANKS – gently used blues, ABUs, PT gear, boots, & more! TEDDY BEAR PROGRAM: All Ranks – Commanders, First Sergeants, or any squadron member may come & pick up a FREE new teddy bear to give to any military or civil service dependent 18 years or younger, who is seriously ill or hospitalized. Uniformed Bears are also available to children whose military parent died while on active duty. LAYETTES: For E-5’s & below. Beautiful layette containing new, useful baby items with the birth of a new baby. Ask for a coupon at MPF when registering your child in DEERS & bring to Airman’s Attic during business hours. Made possible through the generosity of The Retired Officers’ Wives Club (TROW). GIRL MEETS DRESS: All Ranks (AD/RESV/Guard/DoD Civilians & their family). Dress loan program for your social events. DONATIONS: Gently used donations accepted ONLY DURING OPEN HOURS for Security Reasons. Due to space limitations, unable to accept most furniture items; HOWEVER, If you have a large furniture donation, please use this as a “virtual bulletin board” to post a picture for airmen to contact you directly. Please remove post when you no longer have. Items pictured as available by the Airman’s Attic are available on a first come, first served basis. NO HOLDS.

Airman’s Attic & Loan Closet, Teddy Bear, Layette, Uniform and Girl Meets Dress are managed by the McConnell Airman & Family Readiness Center.