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Air Force Teen Aviation Camp provides youth, who completed their Freshman or Sophomore year in high school at the end of School Year (SY) 2018/2019, opportunities to explore careers in the Air Force and as aviators. Aviation Camp is held from 26 Jun-2 Jul 19 at the Air Force Academy (USAFA), Colorado Springs, CO.

Eligible Applicants must meet all the following requirements:

  • A dependent of an AF Active Duty or Active Duty Military assigned to/living on/working on an AF led installation, AF Retired, APF and NAF Civilian Employees assigned to/working on an AF led installation, Air National Guard (ANG), and AF Reserve (AFR)
  • At the end of SY 18/19 completed their Freshman or Sophomore year in high school
  • Have a valid picture ID (ex. military ID, driver’s license, school ID, or passport)
  • Have not previously attended Teen Aviation Camp


Participants should plan on arriving in Colorado Springs, CO after 1200 hours on Wednesday, 26 Jun 19 and must depart before 1300 hours on Tuesday, 2 Jul 19. The only exception is for OCONUS participants traveling from Asia or Europe; these participants may arrive in Colorado Springs, CO on Tuesday, 25 Jun 19. Transportation costs to/from Colorado Springs, CO and spending money are the responsibility of the participants. Lodging, meals, and activity fees are centrally funded and begin upon arrival.

Application Information:
The PDF application for all Air Force Youth Programs Residential Camps must be completed and emailed no later than 30 May 2019 to the POCs listed below. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm receipt of complete application package. Click here for PDF application

The Air Force Services Activity Youth Programs (AFSVA YP) Residential and Individual Residential Camps Selection Panel will evaluate all applications. The selection panel will consist of five evaluators. Each evaluator will score each application individually. The selection panel chair will compile all the evaluations and remove the high and low score and complete the initial ranking.

Applications will be evaluated by the following criteria:
1. Deployment: Teens indicating they are experiencing deployment of a parent(s) will be given priority over teens not experiencing a deployment. Deployment will be verified with the Unit.
2. Previous Attendance at an AF Residential Camp: Teens, who have not previously attended the AF Residential Camp they are applying for will be given priority over teens who have.

The POCs for all Residential Camps:
Ms. Teresa Witschen – or 210-395-7514
Mr. James Yracheta, or 210-395-7252
Mr. Kevin Hansen, or 210-3957248
Ms. Mona Hamilton, or 210-395-7725

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